How To Smoke From A Bong


Bongs, also known as water pipes, are usually made with beautiful designs with diverse colors and shapes, but they can also be made from acrylic, bamboo, and ceramic. Smoking out of a bong is unlike smoking out of a pipe or a rolled joint because of the greater amount of smoke that the chamber holds.

To start add just enough cold water so that the stem is submerged in about 1/2 to one inch of water, adding ice to the bong chills the smoke as it rises through the chamber.
Add herb to just under the rim of the bowl of the bong.

Put your mouth on the top of the chamber making sure your mouth is firmly pressing into the mouthpiece so as to avoid allowing air to escape as you smoke.

Put your finger on the carb – holes located on the side of the bong or the bong stem. If you are smoking out of this style bong, cover the hole with one finger before lighting the bowl. If your bong does not have a carb, you will remove the bowl piece once you have filled the chamber with smoke.

Suck with good strength until the chamber fills with smoke. You can take as big of a hit or as small of a hit as you want at this point. If it is your first time smoking, try only filling the chamber about halfway with smoke.

If the bong has a carb, take your finger off of it or pull out the bowl piece, allowing you to suck the smoke out of the bong.
Hold the smoke in your lungs for several seconds, and then exhale completely.

Replace the carb and pass the bong to the person to your left if you are smoking socially.

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