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Premier Cannabis Beverage Company Keef Brands Expands Eastward: Missouri, Ohio and Maine

DENVER, April 15, 2021 – PRESS RELEASE – The next evolution of drinking with friends has come to the Midwest and East Coast. Keef Brands, founded in 2010 in Boulder, Colorado, as one of the original cannabis-infused beverage companies and now ranked by BDS Analytics as the country’s No. 1 cannabis beverage brand, is proud to announce a major expansion into Missouri, Ohio and Maine. The company’s products can now be found in seven states across the country and Puerto Rico, with additional markets on schedule to launch this summer.

“Now is a prime time for Keef Brands to make its way across the country and introduce new markets to our revolutionary wave of consumption,” Keef Brands CEO Travis Tharp said. “We set ourselves apart with drinks that taste great and have fast-acting effects—two extremely powerful properties both for those who use cannabis as prescription medicine as well as for adults who consume cannabis for pleasure. Keef brings people together as they connect over the shared experience of enjoying infused drinks.”

Keef Brands’ award-winning portfolio has already earned a loyal customer base in the Western United States, as the company currently offers eight of the top-10 selling cannabis beverages in Colorado as well as two of the 10 top-selling in California. Keef’s beverages, formulated with high-quality cannabis extract, include infused versions of classic soda flavors, low-calorie options, mocktails and more.

Below is the list of Keef Brands products currently available by state:


  • Keef Classic Original Cola (10 mg THC): previously Keef Cola; the first Keef product to ever be made provides a familiar cola taste that you would find in soda fountains across the country.
  • Keef Classic Bubba Kush Root Beer (10 mg THC): Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Edible; this flavor also mixes extremely well with ice cream to create the ultimate cannabis-infused root beer float.
  • Keef Classic Orange Kush (10 mg THC): Refreshing and tangy notes of orange citrus flavor.


  • Keef Life H20 Strawberry Kiwi (100 mg THC): Designed for more health-conscious indulgence, this cannabis flavor-enhanced water has less than five calories and 1 gram of sugar per serving. Complete with a built-in, resealable, child-resistant, dosing cap that allows for easy and precise dosing every time. Add Keef Life H2O to your favorite (non-alcoholic) beverage as an enhancement or enjoy it on its own as a light and refreshing standalone beverage.
  • Keef Mocktail Lemonade (100 mg THC): Your classic lemonade flavor with the perfect cannabis twist. This timeless non-carbonated beverage contains 10 servings of 10-milligram THC per bottle and is equipped with a resealable dosing cap for both precise and flexible consumption.


  • Keef Classic Original Cola (100 mg THC)
  • Keef Classic Bubba Kush Root Beer (100 mg THC)
  • Keef Classic Orange Kush (100mg THC)
  • Keef Classic Blue Razz (100 mg THC): A blend of raspberry and blueberry flavors, creating the ultimate berry soda.
  • Keef Classic Purple Passion (100 mg THC): Your classic grape soda flavor with carefully calculated amounts of sweetness and fizz.
  • Keef Life H20 Strawberry Kiwi (200 mg THC)
  • Keef Mocktail Lemonade (200 mg THC)

The cachet of cannabis beverages is on the rise, with sales up 40% from 2019 to 2020, according to recent Headset data. Less-experienced cannabis consumers and medical patients in newly legal markets are turning to beverages as an approachable, familiar way to experience the plant, while others are embracing cannabis beverages as both a social libation and alternative to alcohol.

The expansion follows a benchmark 2020 for Keef Brands, during which the company celebrated its 10th anniversary. Also, 2020 saw Keef Brands earn the largest year-over-year growth of beverage market share (by dollars sold), according to BDS Analytics, and a partnership with BevCanna to position Keef Brands’ expansion into Canada later this year.

Along with this most recent expansion to Ohio, Maine and Missouri, Keef Brands is widely available at more than 1,000 dispensaries and delivery services in California, Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma, as well as Puerto Rico. For more information on the full product portfolio and to view the rebranded Keef aesthetic, please visit keefbrands.com.


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