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Surna Cultivation Technologies Introduces High Efficiency EcoChill Heat Recovery Chiller

BOULDER, Colo., June 8, 2021 – PRESS RELEASE – Surna Inc., operating as Surna Cultivation Technologies, introduced the addition of heat recovery chillers to its EcoChill product portfolio.

“Surna continues to add technological options to our product lines to meet the growing demands of indoor agriculture climates,” said Troy Rippe, Surna Cultivation Technologies vice president of operations and development. “We understand that one of the biggest challenges for our customers is to be more energy efficient and drive down operational costs. This new product is part of our strategy to respond to that challenge.”

Two multistate operators (MSOs), in an effort to drive down operational costs, recently installed the EcoChill heat recovery chillers. The first MSO has a 90,000-square-foot facility in Illinois and the other is a 40,000-square-foot facility in Ohio.

Because they produce both chilled and hot water simultaneously, EcoChill Heat Recovery Chillers can reduce the capacity requirements and energy consumption versus traditional four-pipe chilled water systems. They are also modular, with the capability of each unit being installed inches apart. For easy maintenance, each unit can be serviced from the front of the unit or removed from the bank of chillers for servicing without disruption to the other units.

The EcoChill family of chillers also includes small-tonnage chillers designed specifically for indoor cultivation applications, delivering benefits that other cooling systems cannot provide. Using a Surna Cultivation Technologies chilled water system with ductless fan coils eliminates ductwork and helps cultivators to seal their environment against outside contaminants.

To learn more about Surna Cultivation Technologies’ full line of EcoChill chillers, visit www.surna.com.


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